Tekton Hospitality's Pesident & CEO Visited by City Representatives and Filmed for TV

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California– On Monday, August 1st, Tekton Hospitality's CEO and President Henry Savedra Jr. spent the afternoon hosting a variety of team members from Rancho Cucamonga's city-government. The fun began when Management Aide Hannah Mac Kenzie and Economic Development Director Flavio Nunez stopped by for a Rancho Cucamonga (RC) "Business Visit," the city-government official's custom of touring RC businesses, chiming in with owners, and coordinating collaborative opportunities.

 The duo walked Tekton Hospitality's grounds, encountered the personal stories of both challenge and success belonging to those who power its factory, met the company's state-of-the-art equipment and the products they produce, and enjoyed bagels and coffee in company with some of those in leadership at Tekton Hospitality. They departed about two hours after their arrival, leaving behind new friends and little office gifts hidden in RC branded bags and pink tissue paper prepared in advanced for the Tekton Hospitality members who would gather with them.

Another two-hours passed, and crew members from RC Spotlight– a local television show produced by the city of Rancho Cucamonga that showcases the community's housing, economic development, and lifestyle, arrived. Reporter Madison Perry and Videographer Rick Mattie filmed an interactive tour of the facility and an interview with Savedra that will be featured in next month's episode that airs on local-channel 3. After conducting their agenda with rapport, the two left just before the close of Tekton Hospitality's workday.

Savedra credits his dedication to compliance-regulations with the blooming relationship the company has with its city. “At the end of the day, we can be friends because we’re committed to a transparency that extends into the heart of the organization’s day-to-day operations,” Savedra said. “We have a responsibility to respect the community that we’ve entered with an honesty that lets them know exactly what we’re doing here.”

Tekton Hospitality will release the details of the episode's airing at a later time.

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