Against the Tide of Foreign Manufacturing

Tekton Hospitality processes the high-volume and single-item production of client's custom-designed furniture. Specializing in casegoods, softgoods, and architectural millwork for the hospitality industry, the entire design-to-shipping process is executed in the United States at its Southern California headquarters and factory, at its sister Connecticut factory, and at its New York designer showroom. In addition to bringing jobs back to the United States Henry Savedra Jr., President and CEO of Tekton Hospitality, launched the company against the tide of foreign manufacturing to fill a "niche for a...manufacturing company that can do production for America well," Savedra said. "One that reminisces the country’s craftsmanship-manufacturing heritage, understands the depths of the standards and taste of America’s pallet - and can do so with shorter lead times than importing allows."

Peak inside our two domestic factories in a film shot by a professional documentary film crew. Visit Tekton Hospitality's Booth #5937 at the Las Vegas HD Show May 3-5 to view the full length presentation.

After gaining full funding from a team of Harvard MBA investors for the state-of-the-art factory needed to operate within modern America's leading environmental and worker-safety guidelines, Savedra launched Tekton Hospitality in 2015 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Nonetheless, competitively pricing his product against offshore manufacturing whose overhead and labor are significantly cheaper has been challenging. Yet, "Adversity breeds strength," Savedra said. "I am continually impressed by the unyielding work-ethic that has flowed out of our company’s leadership team and into the character of our entire corporation [because of it]." Combined with the principle of building teams instead of hiring individuals, the inner qualities of the people within has become one of the company’s most valuable resources.

By collaborating with clients to design and send their order to Tekton Hospitality's own in-house manufacturing, the entire process from start to finish is completed under one-roof to minimize design-to-production errors. And with transparency as a core value, customers and governing agencies are welcomed to visit and see ongoing production at any time. Visit Tekton Hospitality at the Las Vegas, NV Hospitality Industry Products and Design (HD) show May 3-5, 2017 at booth #5937 to view a variety of casegoods, softgoods, and other design elements on display while enjoying fresh cookies from its complimentary coffee bar on the morning of May 3rd featuring Tekton Hospitality's own custom brew roasted by Klatch Coffee.

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Writing by Melanie Flores.
Editing by Kimberly Unzicker.