We understand that manufacturing furniture requires
the skills of tradesmen.

Tekton Hospitality processes the high-volume and single-item production of furniture that we custom design with our clients. We specialize in casegoods, softgoods, and millwork for the hospitality industry. The entire design-to-shipping process is executed in the United States at our Southern California headquarters and factory, at our sister Connecticut factory, and at our New York designer showroom.

Interior with dresser.jpeg

Each product is made with state-of-the-art equipment
and top-grade American wood.


Economically constructing stunning furniture with the strategic placement of top-grade material


Paying precise attention to stitching to accurately execute your visual concept and understanding the importance of proper foam density placements according to industry standards


Running each item according to its own specific set of dimensions for both high-volume and singular pieces

Special Features

A One-Building Business Model

A factory right outside our office doors means

  • A minimized risk of design-to-production error
  • Increased quality control
  • Zero delay on planned and impromptu production progress updates

Model Room /

Sample Pieces

Although companies typically outsource their manufacturing of model-room and sample products, we want to ensure that you always know exactly what you are getting when you place an order with us. That is why each sample-item and model-room is fully manufactured by our own factory.


Tekton Hospitality CEO and President Henry Savedra Jr. manufactured furniture overseas at his previous company for over 20 years. Fueled by a dream to create jobs for his own country, Savedra endeavored Tekton Hospitality as his new American manufacturing company. He identified San Bernardino County as a prime location for economic growth. The result is Tekton Hospitality, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA.



At age 4, young Henry Savedra sat atop the stacks of lumber at a manufacturing factory in Tarzana, CA called Cicero. It was there that he watched his father and grandfather make mid-century TV cabinets and stereo consoles, until they too taught him about the way of fine woodworking. Henry eventually matured the craftsmanship appreciation that he learned as a boy into a longstanding career in furniture manufacturing. After spending a few years as a manufacturing consultant, he co-founded C F Kent where he led as President until his recent departure. Now, Henry is back in the United States and re-investing in the domestic economy. Honoring his American craftsmanship heritage, he has launched his very own domestic manufacturing company- Tekton Hospitality. Going against the offshore manufacturing status quo is not easy, but Henry has no hesitation. "I understand the [foreign] competition because I was the competition, and I will be able to do it American again because I did it American before," Savedra said when asked about his vision.

He is motivated by the idea that in the midst of the expanding global economy, the United States cannot afford for its businesses to commit themselves to oversea dependency. He hopes that his domestic business model will re-inspire a belief in the American manufacturing industry.