To the Tekton Hospitality Community


Before launching Tekton Hospitality, I successfully owned and operated a custom-manufacturing company for over 20 years. All of its factories were international– at first in Mexico, then China and Vietnam. Yet, I was perpetually compelled to return to the domestic manufacturing sector. My pilgrimage began in a Los Angeles, California county factory. There, I worked alongside my father at the factory that he worked and from where he eventually retired. Finally feeling positioned to materialize this aspiration after a long career overseas, and seeing that the United States economy needed revitalization, I drafted blue-prints in January 2014 for the domestic manufacturing organization that I awaited. I gained the support of a fantastic team of Harvard MBA investors, incorporated, and cross-checked every safety requirement and environmental-compliance standard together. Then I began sourcing state-of-the-art equipment, and other essential machines, to meet those leading environmental and worker-safety guidelines. To my thrill, long-time industry friends, esteemed tradesmen, and adept family rallied behind me. And after strategic location-analysis, I launched Tekton Hospitality by 2015 in its 118.6k sq. ft. Rancho Cucamonga facility.


Today, I see a niche for an honest manufacturing company that can do production for America well– one that reminisces the country’s craftsmanship-manufacturing heritage, understands the depths of the standards and taste of America’s pallet­ - and can do so with shorter lead times than importing allows. It is this that at its heart, Tekton Hospitality was created to be.


Furthermore, after seeing how many foreign jobs my previous factories created abroad, I am motivated by the desire to do the same for my own country. I am a native Californian, and I want to pour my efforts into my local economy; and I want to do it well.


Here’s what that means:


A Company with Integrity

Because I want Tekton Hospitality to contribute to the good of our society, I take our internal operations seriously. That is why we have state-of-the-art equipment to meet and or exceed all of the top-environmental and safety standards. Simultaneously, I believe in leading by lifting others. With an enthusiasm to see those apart of my organization flourish, Tekton Hospitality factory workers comfortably earn above minimum wage. Moreover, many have their own Tekton Hospitality business cards so that they feel valued and pride in their trade. I also do one-on-one trade education with the majority of them during production. This not only ensures that the quality of our production meets our brand standard, but I think it is also important to let our factory workers know that I am working beside them. Lastly, I have made it a priority to provide all of my employees with great health care benefits.


Welcomed Transparency

I want our business to be known as one with integrity; I believe that the first step to establishing that foundation begins with me. That is why I instill transparency as a key value at Tekton Hospitality by maintaining open communication with its employees, as well as with its customers and governing agencies who are always welcomed to visit our location, tour our campus, and review our processes.


Partnering with Pioneers

I am privileged to call Tekton Hospitality an industry pioneer. I credit much of the recognition that Tekton Hospitality has received with the fact that no other domestic full-scale custom hospitality manufacturing company exists today. Going against the tide of offshore production has been one of my most persistent challenges. I have to make sure that I am competitively pricing my products against foreign manufactures whose overhead and labor wages are significantly cheaper. I have also had to re-translate myself from foreign-factory philosophy to one that compliments the American culture. And since the last time I ran an American factory was prior to 1988, I have also had to modernize my American factory approach. Yet, because of its outstanding investor team, Tekton Hospitality was fully funded to become the state-of-the-art factory it needed to be in order to successfully manufacture in modern America. And because adversity breeds strength, I am continually impressed by the unyielding work-ethic that has flowed out of our company’s leadership team and into the character of our entire corporation.


Congruent with our values, we at Tekton Hospitality look forward to forming a mutualistic relationship with you. Through direct communication, we anticipate further understanding how we may most efficiently and accurately serve you. It is our hope that we would aid in achieving your core goals as an organization, and in your overall efforts for its success.


I personally would like to thank you for joining our Tekton Hospitality community. We look forward to sharing this journey.



signed by Henry Savedra

Henry Savedra, Jr.
President and CEO, Tekton Hospitality