Each product is made with state-of-the-art equipment and top-grade American wood.


Our History



Tekton Hospitality and The New Traditionalists are two brands under one roof with a singular mission: making our clients heroes. Our New York City design team specializes in collaborating with designs you have already drawn, developing concepts you’ve sketched on a napkin or presenting you with fresh ideas from our in house team. Whether you’re looking to furnish one Presidential Suite or have 10,000 units delivered, our dual facilities anchored on both coasts have the production capabilities to bring your vision to life.




At the helm of Tekton Hospitality is CEO and President Henry Savedra Jr. For 20 years Henry owned and operated successful hospitality manufacturing operations in Mexico, China and Vietnam. Henry’s unprecedented experience in high volume production around the world gave him the vision and drive to bring his skillset back to the United States. Passionate about revitalizing American manufacturing with artisan craftsmen, Henry’s vision was bolstered by partnering with Philip Erdoes, CEO and founder of The New Traditionalists and Brady Wilcox, CCO and co founder. With over 10 years of experience in US based manufacturing and 25 years of design experience, Philip and Brady have redefined high-end furnishings and interior design and manufacturing standards. Inspired by classic silhouettes, exceptional objects and history, The New Traditionalists have merged traditional craftsmanship with modern interiors design, engineering and manufacturing. Our teams combined experience and partnering business model guarantee you top of the line design and manufacturing services. You dream it, we’ll make it happen.